This is a nearly completed painting – from a photo taken with my little iphone! this photo is also taken by my iPhone …   when I brought the wet painting into the kitchen….   which now smells delightfully of oil paint!
Well – I just love my life…   painting is such a pleasure – and hard work of course, but I find hard work easy …..   jewish/catholic guilt probably!!!!

beech trees & red path 90 x 90 cm

I dont know if anyone reads my blogs….  I never feel as if they do – so – if you do please let me know that doing this isnt a totally useless activity, please!
I only add that because I did meet someone who admitted to reading it.  And that was Rita Yates – who is a very fine printmaker …. I will find her info and add it to my blog!
a last glass of wine and then knitting and bed!