Beech Wood with Bluebells… 80 x 80 cm

This is another ‘not quite finished’ painting – also a photograph taken in electirc light so it isnt brilliant…..   why am I so impatient?  

    Beech trees and bluebells – unfinished – 80 x 80 cm

  …..   Dunno!  don’t care!  Off to play the piano in a mo – just time to say I had a lovely chat with Wendy Barber last night – and we both talked about having to accept that ‘outward bound’ painting is a thing of the past … If I use my energy in girding my loins and going out – I dont have the energy to paint! 
So working in the studio becomes the norm….  and we both agreed that the years of going out mean that the landscape and our response to it is deep inside us, and painting inside allows something else to happen….. a very interesting discussion that deserves much more time and thought than I am giving it here….  more later,Wendy please note…  I really valued out discussion and look forward to speaking when you return from Texas!   
Check out Wendy Barber’s blog …. I am sure if you google that you will find her – …. more anon I promise!

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