Here are Muriel and Coco ….ready for the off ….  
  the …  logic(sic!) behind me taking the cats is that I am hoping they will get to like this route and keep away from the roads…  I dont know why they follow me – our previous cats used to – its the breed – Burmese – wonderful ….

above  is the field  above our house ….. you can see Pen Hill in the background, and Solomon … below you can see our house and the Blackmore Vale behind …. it is very beautiful 
round the corner   

 This is the top of an old air raid shelter I think …  its a place where the girls like to stop and have a wash!  The field has been ploughed and there is corn just begining to appear.  In the background is Nip Mountain ( Melbury of course)
I know this post is rather mad – its back to painting tomorrow I promise ….!

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