Do come with us this winter – when the skies are grey and heavy with rain.  When the harsh winds blow and its a long slog ahead til Spring! ( you get the idea?)
This is the poster for the painting trip to Rajasthan I have been busy organising with Yasin at Indus Travel.  I am very excited about it because we have managed to include nearly everything I wanted –  time spent in the fantastic National Museum “…an overview of the last 5000 years inc. artefacts from the Harrappan Civilisation, cental Asian antiquities, mesmerising collection of jewel-bright miniatures……” (tis lonely planet!) … I will blog separately about other delights later!   I dont know how to post the pdf in a more readable way …. so am just going to put it up like this.     It just means you have to scroll to see the whole thing, but thats ok?