“… if I had both the money and the wall space, I’d have one of Phyllis’s paintings in every room.  The sense of movement, the brush strokes and her distinctive use of colour create such an impact; and of course, the subject matter.  To see nature interpreted with such love and joy is just incredibly life affirming – I always feel as if I can smell the blossom, feel the wind.  In short, Phyllis’s work just makes me happy.  There you have it – ditch Prozac, buy Phyllis”
Virginia Edwyn-Jones  Shaftesbury  Dorset.

POPPIES POPPIES  1 x1m oil/canvas   …. not quite finished yet

POPPIES NOT PROZAC!    I x I m …oil/canvas ( interim name!)

NEW POPPIES…..  6O X 60 cm    oil/canvas
Three new not-quite-finished paintings …..   after a very difficult day, the sun has come out, he has cut the grass, wonderful organisers of the LONDON SHOW  have over come a big glitch and …..  I am happy and exhausted.   You know what I mean!  

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