One of the  things I am learning is that if I want my hands to do another 30+ years, then I have to take resting it/them seriously.  And doing ‘proper’ painting always involves my poor left hand …   so the iPad has been a great stand in…

These pictures are fairly self explanatory – above is one cat! below the view of Frenchmill Lane that I lived with for …30 years.  I did it whilst visiting a very dear friend…..    

Cats again, !!!

..and the last two – the snow that we had in North Dorset today – Coco looking our of the window at the snowy landscape,  and an  oak tree we can see from the house.   I hope the snow  settles and lasts for a bit… I love the way the landscape looks … transformed magically, and the painting opportunities it offers.   
I have been using the Brushes app, with these drawings, because I thought the colour was better/easier … but actually I am not so sure looking at what I have done with both apps ( art studio being the other) and I like the wet paint brush in a.s. …. and the easy ‘fill’ and there is something a tad cumbersome about the way the brush tool changes …. still its good to practise and be comfortable with both.  Not like pencil on real paper though, or paint! 
But I bet Matisse would have used it, and Picasso and maybe Cezanne and Monet too?  Whadya think? 

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