THE GOOD LIFE! doubled!

This painting is finished and I am really happy with it …  excited about where it has taken me! 
Often when you hear writers talking on the radio about their novels, they say the characters take over the story and the plot, they develop a life of  their own.   This seems to reflect what happens to me when things go well – when ‘I’ get out of the way…    and then I am working in harmony with the painting, a channel for the inevitable… the painting takes over and I am led.   
It is getting more abstract, less descriptive, less literal.  And as I looked at the flower bed I just kept seeing more colours – suggesting themselves to me!   I am ready to begin the next painting as long as I dont allow myself to be distracted by watering geraniums and tomatoes and dead heading cosmos, oh ! or picking raspberries!  
So it is also about the bounty this time of year, The Good Life times two!
I dont know what to call this painting –  I want to call it for a very dear friend – I have to ask her permission first so I will come back and label it later!

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