I do like painting …..!


“God knows there are difficult women out there. Women who are – at times – shallow, bitchy, selfish, dishonest and, of course, crazy.” – AskMen: Why Men Date Difficult Women

Difficult women don’t care what time it is, they’re
crowding the bus stop with their difficult bodies,
refusing to budge for the light, or in the parks,
dragging their difficulty behind them like a fat dog.
Some of them are running, cycling, or worse,
driving cars. If a difficult woman hits you at 30 miles per hour
you have a 50 percent chance of survival. At home,
difficult women are more like walls than windows
but if you lean on one, you fall straight through
and sometimes at night they show your face.

Difficult women don’t know they’re born.
Difficult women don’t know the meaning of the word.
There could be one folded into your newspaper,
holding her breasts like oranges. There might be
one carrying your coffee, or moving to your road.
In London, it’s said you’re never more than 6 feet
from a difficult woman. Have you or a colleague
had a difficult woman in the last 6 months?
If so, you may be entitled to compensation.
Do you have difficulty with our questions?
Are you afraid you may be difficult yourself?

Helen Mort

Wonderful Woman’s Hour recording here

New Year’s Resolutions????  

how to be difficult!  ????

I started this yesterday ( thursday) afternoon …… for some reason I am not getting into the studio enough at the moment – I allow other things to get in the way….  you know how it is?  (working title of the painting could be: “Determined Women Artist” or even better ( #DIFFICULT WOMAN on day 6 of Dry January…  hey ho ….

So….  New Year’s resolutions and all that….. I usually only want to make positive ones – for instance –

  • I will show up in the studio at least 3 days a week and do a good long stint or
  • I will go for a walk of over 2 miles four days a week or
  • I will practise all my scales and do 5 Hanon or Czerney exercises every day……

these resolution are a sort of …’pump priming’ exercise that result in me getting into the groove and harmonising with my days….

So I have always avoided the ‘I will nots’ of New Year Resolutions – until this year! We had a great New Years Day party – I didn’t drink that much ….. but – on Jan 2  I saw myself signing up to #DRYATHLON … for Cancer Research UK

Do you know that feeling when you are typing away and wilfully ignoring your saner/more indulgent self who says DON’T DO IT!???

I have signed up #DRYATHON with Cancer Research Uk ( @CR_U

Give it a click, take a look and give me a little nod of support 🙂 or even better SPONSOR ME!  – tell me I can ring you up when feeling weak,  or do it too……  I tell you I feel SOOOOOO  SMUG ! !!!  I DO!


this is what I have just done – about 40 mins work I guess…. just come in for lunch….

the trouble with painting is – I was intending to leave this and start a new portrait today – but looking at it I can see things that need changing – the shoulder ‘dosnt work’ – and – this whole thing about ignoring what one knows – I knew that the light today is totally different from how it was yesterday,  when the light was coming from behind me!  Today I have the studio lights on …. anyway – its all learning and re-membering…..

I now have to decide whether to leave the painting and start a new one …. or to keep working on it and put right the things that shout out at me…. – also bearing in mind that one can loose some essential quality one is unaware of when ‘correcting and improving’ – all life is a risk isnt it?

Please dont forget the Cancer Research site ….. if you would like to sponsor me – the money goes direct to Cancer Research by the way.

…..   join me …. be a little saint-let! xx

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