I have been working in my studio today – and when I was doing the ritual dance of sorting out my outdoor palette, indoor palette and generally rearrange things, music on the bose ( Joan Baez, David Bowie Van Morrisson and Leonard Cohen are the ones I remember ) and thought ‘How happy I am’  … I love being in my studio and ….  I am so lucky.  Here are some pictures  that I took in the 
winter – you can see the bubble wrap insulation on the windows…
Here is my palette ….. I use old kitchen worktops – white melamine is something I found out about from an artist boyfriend!  it makes sense to use white if you are painting on a white surface after all ….
Here is my ‘desk’ with images of William Mills – a painter I very much admire, my paint store, CD’s and bose, glasses ( several pairs) a painting I like of mine – Crab apples and Cosmos – of our garden 18 months ago … a sculpture of mine awaiting repair …..   canvas pliers ( which I also use to squeeze out the last bit of paint )  etc etc….

Here is a painting of Melbury I did from Mayo Farm ….maybe 30 years ago… I wish I could paint like that now!   I am still trying to find out how to express what I feel about the hill…..  

Tomorrow I will put up photos of the painting I have nearly finished – if all goes well that is!   I feel very fortunate to have a place to go that I look forward to … even at those times when painting is difficult I feel happy here, it is a good place to be!   Like this magic corner of Dorset – I count my blessings…  

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