THERE HAVE some wonderful winter sunsets recently ….  and last week I had to stop washing up and take a photo ….. I have been painting this hill – my hill(!!) since we moved to Dorset in 1976!  that is 35 years isn’ t it ?  Some of the first paintings were from Robin and Trisha Porteous’ field at Mayo Farm …  and later from Frenchmill Lane when we lived there.   It is a continuing relationship and to be quite honest – I still do not feel these paintings have not got ‘there’ yet….  still do not say quite what I feel so deeply!   I cant say what that is until I have done it!  I believe I will!
A painter friend of mine from years ago said you have to love what you paint – and I certainly love the hill, it has been the companion of so many of the important events of my life!   Great happiness and sadness, and ordinary life too.  Good friends, siblings, lovers and offspring, all shared walks, picnics, tobbaning, passed on – our  children now play with their children on the slopes…..  romantic ordinary and true. 
MELBURY AGLOW 60 X 60 cm oil/linen   

MELBURY AND BLUE SKY 60 X 75cm oil/canvas

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