POND AND BLOSSOM …. but I have to tell you about

These are two stages of the painting I have been doing over the past two days – interrupted by domestic ( feline) issues.  More about that on facebook!  maybe…
Pond and Blossom – this is the apple tree pond of other paintings and the blossom is of my lovely fragrant crab apple tree.  This spring is happening too quickly and it is too hot ….   but I heard the cuckoo …. and  the blackbird is 
       Pond and Blossom   oil/canvas 76 x 56 cm 
the painting is not quite finished yet ..  I thought the water had maybe become too dark but it is a dark purpley browny blue …   fabulous colours to explore.   Colours only work in relationship to one another ….   not in isolation – one has to keep working over the whole canvas all the time….
heavenly … listening to all the sounds  – the bees make such full on sound – which seems precious and  reassuring.   This painting is from one of my favourite spots in our  tranquil natural  and unsophisticated spot …..  we love to watch the garden and especially the pond evolve … .

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