Phew, what a day …. been learning quite a lot about twitter, and realising how difficult my hand is making life…. ah well
 – also just done an ’empathy drawing’ I remember how Trevor Felcey ( RCA)  – a fabulous painter friend who is worth looking up –  talked about.    When (at the age of 35 ish I went back to college at the Byam Shaw, to own up to being a painter after all, or not…   after having three babies , being a Common woman from Greenham and employed as Dorset  Peace Worker by the Quakers…being arrested etc ) where was I?  Oh yes, on the top of a Clapham omnibus I remember Trevor  talking about empathy drawings and I told him about leaving my first husband, and running away with the painting tutor….   oy vey….  a long time ago.   
so … Empathy drawings…  well one reason I paint I guess is because some things don’t fit into words…..   talking to Elizabeth Speller…. are you listening?
empathy drawing on iPad one sunday eve … 

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