I am really pleased with the work I have managed to do this week …   I am a fortunate  woman to live where  I do and to be able to paint…..  This hill called Melbury  which I have painted for years  since 1976 when I moved to Dorset after being a student at St Martin’s and Goldsmiths…..

To me the relationship between the artist and the subject is very powerful and important.  It seems to me that this hill has helped me to paint.   This is certainly true of portraits and it feels true here.  

Maybe the process of  painting the hill has helped me access something in myself ….  But it feels like  the hill is my teacher…  tells me about my human-ness as I struggle to paint its hill-ness…..    and I LIKE the feeling of not-there-yet ….   lots more paintings for us to discover together ……

 Melbury delight I 90  x 130cm oil/canvas    

 Melbury delight II 80 x 120 cm oil/canvas
from Fontmell Down June 1989   pencil drawing 

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