Well, I started two new paintings today – Robert my husband always says ” that’s it, its finished …  he said that with the first one – below ….   I dunnno, maybe he is right – I find it impossible to leave it when the painting underneath ( one of the road rage paintings I did a year ago) is still so strongly showing and it feels too unresolved ……!
The springhead one with reflections – he insists that I dont do anymore to it – except I am allowed to finish off the water in the bottom left …  
Since a few post ago I have had some feedback and I really appreciate it – if you feel like commenting on this, please do …..  I dont suppose it will change what I do – but its interesting all the same, and may encourage me to look at my work differently, which is always useful…
Tall Beeches, 90 x 60cm stage 1

Tall Beeches, 90 x 60cm stage 2
Fontmell Brook at Springhead  75 x 60cm

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  • Hey you … yep I read your blog pretty often, and in this instance I would love you to have stopped at stage 1. I know you would have felt uncomfortable and itching to do more, but I think it has a solidity that is, ironically, more spiritual than the finished piece.

    Just an opinion, of course :)