I came across this on twitter – and read it. ( it is by Jon Snow) It is so good that I am trying to make a link with it….
http://blogs.channel4.com/snowblog/olympics-tells/18299#comment-45893 – excerpt below…

I was very skeptical – nay even cynical about the Olympics, and tutted about the cost and the venality of the politicians and money makers etc ….   and/but I really agree with  Jon Snow and believe that cynicism is so uncreative and why choose to be miserable?

Melbury Aglow, 70 x 70 oil on canvas, SOLD

I have also sold one of my favourite new paintings in the Sticks to Stone exhibition which ended yesterday.  I also sold several wood/lino cuts as well so this is a double reason to be cheerful!

….”That we are builders, designers, craftsmen and women; that we can organise; that we can train, set our hearts upon an ambition, and deliver it. It is who we are. We may not, many of us, wallow in the extremes of empire, but together we are a consequence of it.
This medium sized island state once somehow administered, dominated, exploited, developed, half the then known land mass of the world. Today it is different.
We are here, and our talent is dispersed across a very different world……  from Jon Snow’s excellent blog… 

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