I have been out painting … wasnt it hot today?   Wonderful, what a treat and lets hope we have an indian summer?    Finally I have got the lovely Mr P to take a ‘natural photo’ of me …  I was actually painting, not pretending to !….    the flower bed of course.
It began from another angle – and/but I am being led by the nose – I try NOT  to think when I paint, thinking DOES NOT  HELP at all when painting …  it is about the left brain trying to be bossy and organise things and be sensible and …. BORING ….   no magic with left brain .. or brian ….   enough for now ….. 

I am pleased with this – the end of a second session – and a relaxed one at that!
Putting it on the blog is more stressful – if I remember I must talk about ‘earnestness’ and ‘play as opposed to angst …. making a good, honest and authentic painting….  

I want my work to reflect joy and all those happy emotions – why not?  the flowers of the fields etc etc ….  but never froth at the expense of honesty and integrity…    and I  think  that what I want to express is a clear … avenue to God’s grace – acceptance and knowledge of what is so good and so available in my blessed life….  without my vanity of ideas and stuff ….  striving at a felt authenticity and simplicity … of the grace of being a …late middle aged woman in this treasured corner of beautiful England.    What blessings indeed!

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