THREE WINTER PONDS …. from photographs and my imagination..

Winter Pond II  80 x 80 cm oil/canvas 
unfinished state

Skywater 1 x 1m oil/canvas

Winter Pond and clouds 24 x36″ unfinished state

Can you tell which is which?     I dont know whether I shall paint more ponds….  I think it is more than likely ….   finding subject matter that inspires and delights is really important and the two ponds we have made here in the past three years have so far been the subject of more than 20 paintings … I have rather lost count, not all of them have worked, most have been painted in the summer with me  standing in front of the pond in question and all my stuff in a wheel barrow …  (more pictures in later posts) … the first and last are  from a photograph – and that is different, not better or worse the middle one I invented …  more of this anon….!   The apples are painted from life because that is how it happened.

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