Phyllis Wolff, Portraits and Landscapes with Anita Toscani Sculpture
October 16 2017
54, The Gallery Shepherd Market, Mayfair
London W1J 7QX

Phyllis Wolff – a #Difficult Woman in her prime

We are the fortunate ones, born after the war in the 1950’s and ‘60’s. For us life was good – as children we roamed free and safe, benefited from school milk and school meals. Grant aided, our free further education gave more of us reason to hope and be ambitious. As young adults we grasped life, we learned to love and live life to the full, we could change the world. We read ‘Fear of Flying’ and ‘The Female Eunuch’ we protested and burnt our bras, dressed at Biba and took the pill! **

And now, in our late 50’s and 60’s where are we? Given much that has happened in this brave new millennium, it might be easy to suppose that bitterness and regret for lost opportunities, both for ourselves and our children and grandchildren, has settled upon us like some ghastly pall. Yet far from being grumpy old women we are proud to be creative crones!

Artist and painter, Phyllis Wolff explores her own creativity and that of a group of women contemporaries in a new series of portraits: …

The Women who have so far agreed to sit for Phyllis and who are in no way Difficult! include :

Anya Noakes – www.prmattersuk.biz
Caroline Whaley – www.shine4women.com
Pippa Haywood, Actor ( who is so famous she don’t need a wwww!)
Sadie Harrison composer – www.sadieharrisoncomposer.co.uk
(who also teaches Phyllis the piano)
Erica Wolfe-Murray – www.lola-media.co.uk
Gillian Cross author – www.gillian-cross.co.uk
Elizabeth Speller – www.elizabethspeller.com
Virginia Edwyn-Jones – www.edendesignandinteriors.co.uk
Anita Toscani who will be showing her bronze sculptures in the show

A peruse of all the websites is really recommended, these are FANTASTIC WOMEN fully in their Prime and this is just a selection … there are more…..Phyllis has her eye on a radio presenter of a morning programme – who admits to being a mere 52 years old! She would fit the bill no problem…. Any guesses? And any volunteers?

** This probably applies to a lucky few middle class women – not everyone.
Portraits and poetry

Portraits and poetry

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Yet another #Difficult Women…

Yet another #Difficult Women…

Gillian Cross #Difficult Woman 2 author of The Demon Headmaster.....among several other books.... There seems to be an inexhaustible supply ( of #difficult women!) fortunately!  ....  I will tell you some of them ..... but later ( that's a cliff hanger!!)   The...

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On not getting in the way of it …

On not getting in the way of it …

I know the thing I seem to say most often about the 'Business of Painting' is ….. it is a mystery.... Today, whilst painting Erica,  I knew I didn’t know  ‘how the hell I would do it’ or …  ’what the hell I was doing’!     Maybe that feeling was less frightening than...

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Wolff, who trained at Goldsmith’s St Martin’s and Byam Shaw, moved to Dorset in 1976. Since then she has continued to paint, always fitting her work around a busy family life. In the 1980s Wolff became very involved with the Peace Movement, especially Greenham Common. In 1985 she was employed by QSRE (Quaker Social Responsibility & Education) as Dorset Peace Worker.

Phyllis takes up the story: ‘We change throughout life of course. For some years I have been experiencing a great surge in creative energy. It is as if the end of the explicit fertility of my body has transformed its life force into another kind of making. I find that despite the losses (hair no longer bounces but upper arms do!!) my life is more exciting and exhilarating and myself more creative than ever. I want to shout that life is very good – in no way less than it was 20 or 30 years ago, although, of course, it is different and to my mind the gains at least equal the losses we hear so much about.

During the past few months I have spoken with my women friends and as usual they know exactly what I am talking about…. often finishing the sentence for me! Some so fired up they want to get involved – have offered to hold workshops in their particular field or compose and perform music during the run of the show!

They know about being a post menopausal women and simultaneously experiencing a terrific surge in creative energy. They are very excited about this phenomenon which has finally coalesced into this Project – An idea looking for a title!

Why shouldn’t we be proud we have got this far? Far from merely not giving up or saying we are still here, I want to say that things are just beginning- I have a whole lot of life ahead. THIS IS A WOMEN IN HER PRIME’ thank you Harriet Harman on BBC Woman’s Hour.