Yet another #Difficult Women…

Gillian Cross #Difficult Woman 2 author of The Demon Headmaster…..among several other books….

There seems to be an inexhaustible supply ( of #difficult women!) fortunately!  …. 

I will tell you some of them ….. but later ( that’s a cliff hanger!!)   The project is getting very exciting and I am loving it….    Doing these portraits has really gripped me – it seems to be all I want to do…. !!   just painting myself isnt what I want to do –  its the fascination and challenge of painting another face is so … exciting and terrifying….  Yesturday particularly I was  casting around for someone to paint NOW!     Robert calls me Miss Instant….? oh well.!!!


As I said I have several really Difficult women lined up ready ….. but no one for just then….


At one o’clock  I rang Gillian Cross to ask her if she would pose for me ….. she was just unpacking the car after a few days away – she said    “yes, she could come today between 2 and 4…. fantastic ….. I had to ‘get a wriggle on’ …..


Gillian had already  agreed to be involved in this difficult woman project  – I wanted to talk with her about how women post menopause, can experience a real rush of creativity etc ….. because she is a writer she can express these ideas so well…..

I write because I love telling stories and finding out about things. My stories don’t have ‘messages’, but I like to write about people in difficult and dangerous situations. I’m interested in how they cope and the decisions they make.

It was very tantalising having her here – because I wanted to talk to her – and we did talk for quite a bit of the sitting, about the similarities and differences between her creative process and mine

I spend most of my time writing and looking after my family. I also edit the parish magazine in the village where I live, and I travel around quite a lot, talking to children and adults. (It’s pretty hard to stop me talking.)’


…. Its useful for me to  chat initially  with the sitter, to see how they move,  and holds her head etc, and to make sure she is comfortable……

Rather unusually I decided to go straight in with paint, rather than spending the first  session doing a drawing ….. don’t know why – maybe it was my excitement at getting into the paint…..


What you can see here is the final 30/40 minutes of painting ….. the pose she was in was difficult to hold – and difficult to get back into after a necessary rest – so knowing the time limit I made the choice to stop pussy-footing – trying to  ‘get things in the right place’  and just go for it…. what the heck….!    Gillian says too ‘When you’re a writer, you never know where the next book will lead.’ that is what I experience too…. with a few things that aren’t right I am really quite pleased with this.

Thank you Gillian….!

By the way – if you think you qualify and have a (male) family member who can honestly vouch and will sign a certificate that you are #difficult –  please  get in touch!