I have finally managed to wrench myself away from chores and domesticity and boring but necessary office stuff too.  Just got a tweet from Lizzie Speller in Greece who talks about why she needs to go there to get the necessary solitude she needs to work….   hmm one certainly needs to be very disciplined.  
I am SO happy to be back in the place where I can really be myself – like in the Rumi poem – that I have quoted before and will do again,right here!
Neither of these are finished – the challenge is to keep them open and keep the touch light…more later, oh – and the poem now.
 Melbury Delight  II  80 x 120 cm
Melbury Delight  I   90 x 130 cm 
Time to go Home
Late and starting to rain, it’s time to go home
We’ve wandered long enough  in empty buildings.
I know it’s tempting to stay and meet those new people.
I know it’s even more sensible
to spend the night here with them,
but I want to go home.
We’ve seen enough beautiful places with signs on them
saying This is God’s House
That’s seeing the grain like the ants do,
without the work of harvesting.
Let’s leave grazing to cows and go
where we know what everyone really intends,
where we can walk around without clothes on.

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