MOTHER-TO-BE….. and a first for me….

This is a painting of a young woman I know …. it is painted from a photograph,  ….

I have never done this before … and it has taken a long time for me to finally give it a try.   The little girl who was ‘on the inside’ will be four years old this May!   And she has a little brother.  The young mum – who wanted a painting of herself – was too tired to sit for me when I arrived with my paints, so we agreed that I would take photos and see what happened….

The picture is still in the early stages ….  and I am unclear how much of a real protrait will be possible ….   we will see….  it may turn out just to be a pleasant painting…  which is done from a photograph and thus has no real … life or validity…

                                        Third stage 

The second stage …..  

 This was the first stage …. but the figure was not placed correctly …. too big for the canvas so I had to rub it out and begin again…

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